Leadership Development

Our “higher order” approach for leadership development is anchored around increasing authenticity in leaders. Leaders have become challenged with constantly transforming their organizations while attempting to lead the most diverse workforce in history. Honoring the diverse perspectives of that workforce while being "true to self" requires leaders who embody embracing all members of the workforce as contributors to an organization's mission. That cannot be done effectively without the leader being clear about who they are. Unlike typical leadership development approaches, increasing authenticity is not about gaining new knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs). Our methods use deep introspection to support re-framing who a leader is at their core. That shift in perspective in turn changes how the leader views themself and achieves results.

On an individual level, leaders who experience higher levels of authenticity tend to demonstrate high levels of acceptance, transparency and vulnerability. Highly authentic leaders create highly authentic teams, which translates into increased organizational performance. These aspects are crucial when leading through times of change and adversity.

Expected Leadership Outcomes: 

  • Improved leader well-being
  • Increased confidence, hope, optimism and resilience
  • Increased trust between leader and followers
  • Higher levels of self-acceptance and acceptance of others
  • Reduction in "ego-driven decision-making" (EDDM)
  • Increased leadership transparency

Service Offerings: 

  • Executive coaching
  • Speaking engagements
  • Leadership workshops

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Organizational Design & Development

Co-created shared values or culture, establish the boundaries by which an organization operates, leading to conformity as part of membership. Developing an organization with higher levels of authenticity allows for employees to remain true to who they are while also maintaining a sense of alignment with the organization's culture. Designing an organization that embraces "power with" rather than "power over" fosters an environment where employees can balance individual and collective authenticity. This allows employees to bring the most authentic version of themselves to solving a company's most complex problems...or developing cutting edge client solutions. A highly authentic culture allows for an organization to produce products and services that can be market differentiating.  

More creativity and innovation, more productivity and heightened energy for the things that matter most is the ultimate outcome of highly authentic organizations. Changing the perspectives on how work gets done completely shifts what gets produced. Do the people in your organization operate with a sense of unlimited flow? Or do they operate with a sense of fear (which diminishes authenticity, creativity and innovation)? These are key questions that have direct implications on the outcomes that organizations create.  

Our intentional co-creative approaches are designed to support organizations in evolving towards a higher level of individual and collective authenticity, leading to a highly authentic culture where shared values allow employees to be who they are. At scale, we will help you to develop processes and approaches that embrace the perspectives of others, increase transparency and support acceptance. Eliminating these barriers is what begins to tap into the full potential of employees and harnesses the true power of the organization.  

Expected Team & Organizational Outcomes: 

  • Shifting of shared values (i.e., environmental or culture shift)
  • Increased workforce well-being, confidence, hope, optimism and resilience
  • Increased trust 
  • Increased follower authenticity
  • Psychological safety
  • Increased productivity and innovation
  • Improved collaboration
  • Increased organizational desirability for top talent

Service Offerings: 

  • Organizational assessment & consulting
  • Co-creative solutions design

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Strategic Execution & Change Management

Due to its deep human development connection, authenticity is a capability that can be developed to impact the entirety of an organization. Authenticity can influence how organizational strategy is formulated, developed and executed. As a stand-alone capability to be nurtured, authenticity when combined with other capabilities will have sustainable impacts to support the execution of an organization's strategy. Supporting leaders to facilitate change in a way that embraces multiple perspectives, improves clarity and reduces fear, helps to create a critical mass for change. Whether it is diversity, equity and inclusion, innovation, marketing or operations, increasing authenticity can be the catalyst for transforming your organization to create more desirable outcomes. 

Service Offerings: 

  • Organizational Assessment & Consulting
  • Co-creative Solutions Design

Expected Team & Organizational Outcomes: 

  • Strategic alignment
  • Improved change management methods

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