Letters for Lucia

Letters for Lucia: 8 Principles for Navigating Adversity is a story of love, forgiveness and healing. A new husband and father, David Brown Jr. finds himself dealing with the largest tragedy of his life, the international parental abduction of his 11-month old daughter.  Rather than being governed by resentment and anger, he begins to see life from a lens of compassion and forgiveness.

Reflecting on the experiences of the separation from his daughter, David recognizes that he is in the middle of a spiritual awakening, which birthed eight principles that allowed him to find peace. Not knowing if he will ever see his daughter again, David writes letters to his daughter sharing the principles, hoping that they will become guiding posts as she grows up. He explains to readers how the principles can be applied so they too can find peace in their lives.

Editorial Reviews:

“Through the worst possible means—his daughter’s abduction—a father uncovers a great deal about life and himself in this engrossing work.” – Kirkus Reviews

“The book is a story of forgiveness, of lessons and growth and offers proof that even in times of terrible hardship, it is possible to not only go on, but also to thrive.” – Luxury Reading

Personal Development Workshops

The Honor Yourself program is a transformational personal development program based off of David Brown Jr.’s first book, Letters for Lucia: 8 Principles for Navigating Adversity. Each segment of the program is designed to create an “inner experience” for you that will forever change your perspective in the areas of personal healing, creation and purpose.

These programs are highly effective because they help you to raise your own awareness in the areas where you are ready to see changes. What makes these programs unique is that their knowledge universally applies to everyone, but the results are facilitated through an “inner experience” that can only take place on an individual level. The result is that each participant receives exactly what they need in the moment.

Honor Yourself: Career & Purpose Management