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My executive coaching approach is differentiated because it is centered around increasing authenticity in leaders, which primes them to be catalysts for deep personal and organizational transformation. As a leader’s authenticity increases, they begin to operate in a way that feels true to the core of who they are. And that can happen in any environment or circumstance. Highly authentic leaders are comfortable with being vulnerable, encourage transparency, put the goals of the collective above their own self interests and have a high level of acceptance for themselves and others. These characteristics can be game changers in driving higher employee engagement and creating new business outcomes.

As your coach, I will lead you on a journey that helps develop your authenticity. We will work together to understand the challenges that are creating limitations for you and design strategies for taking courageous steps forward in becoming a more authentic version of yourself. My iterative three-step process focuses on increasing your levels of awareness, acceptance and re-framing. Higher authenticity surfaces a deeper level of a leader’s potential. And, my approach has created personal breakthroughs and introduced completely new sets of possibilities and experiences for leaders I have worked with. Regardless of your role or position, my coaching approach not only drives personal growth and business performance, it increases the only measure of success that truly matters, your happiness.

If you are an executive who has a high level of openness and adaptability, and a strong desire to experience change for you and/or your organization, then you are the type of leader that would benefit from working with me.

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