Learning to effectively lead others requires a disciplined approach to development. Many organizations offer a framework to developing their leaders. But, traditional models can be one-sided and one-directional at times, leading to a “this is how we do it” mentality. Great leaders bring more than knowledge, skills and abilities to their organization. It’s their perspective that also helps them to navigate their organizations, build relationships and become effective partners. Understanding the factors that influence and inform your perspective, or what makes you view the world the way you do, requires looking beyond the walls of your organization and inside the walls of self.

Our personal and professional lives are blended, yet in many cases we’ve resisted looking at both sides as highly interdependent. By integrating a coaching and systems thinking approach to leadership development, we help leaders to understand how their personal and professional lives are very much connected. Our desire is to help leaders establish a development plan that marries personal, professional and organizational goals. The result is an increased sense of satisfaction and authenticity while taking a large step towards doing work that is purposeful to you.