I Am…

…many things. Executive coach. Author. Thought leader. Researcher. Consultant. Former Fortune 500 senior leader. Despite all of the labels, they are still too limiting. And the same is true for you. Transcending limitations is the essence of beginning to become aware of higher levels of authenticity. The only limits that exist are those we put on ourselves. This is a realization that everyone can experience, and a perspective that I’ve learned to not only embody but teach to others.

I work with executives…leading them along a journey towards increasing their authenticity. Highly authentic leaders can be catalysts for transformation while increasing authenticity across their organizations. Benefits of higher authenticity in leaders includes improved mental well-being (i.e. lower stress), higher levels of trust, higher production, increased innovation, confidence, hope, optimism and feelings of safety. All of these support better individual functioning and improved business outcomes.

My executive coaching approach has been developed through three experiential lenses: 1) personal transformation, 2) professional development and 3) academic/practitioner research. The integration of these three aspects allows me to create a rich experience for clients that introduces pragmatic approaches and creates sustainable change.

After experiencing the parental abduction of my 11-month old daughter, I embarked on a journey of introspection that led to deep senses of acceptance, compassion and appreciation for all experiences. Facing this adversity head on increased my resilience and led me to peace despite what seemed like an insurmountable tragedy. Most importantly, I began to understand how my perspective and underlying beliefs influenced my interpretation of everything. That’s true for all human beings.

Professionally, I have created high performing teams across multiple industries and sectors, and developed leaders ranging in experience from front managers to executives and Fortune 500 board members. Thus, I have experience in a variety of operating environments and working with diverse leaders and teams. In 2018, I began my journey into the realm of research, developing theory related to authenticity in leadership. Creating a bridge between my research and practical application is an important part of supporting my “practitioner orientation.” I’ve found that coaching is one of the most powerful tools for increasing authenticity in leaders.

My mission is to help leaders increase their levels of authenticity so they can be catalyst for their own personal transformation as well as the transformation of their organizations. If you or your organization are ready to embark on this type of change, let’s connect.