• “When you change your perspective, the world around you changes. And it can happen in an instant.” – DBJ



“David’s insights have allowed me to grow in ways that have broadened my perspective on leadership, self-discipline, and most of all purpose.”

Vincent T

“Since I’ve known David, he’s been planning for this very moment where he is in life – seeking to change the world through a holistic approach to understanding self.”

Devon M.

“David genuinely demonstrates what positivity and love looks like. Working with David helped me to focus on my own inner peace and bring balance into all aspects of my life.”

Nicole S.

“Realizing the benefit from his personal journey, he now wants to share with others so they too can elevate to a better existence.”

Charles M.

“David has encouraged me to always honor what’s in my heart. As a mentor, he has an uncanny way of making complex concepts not only simple, but applicable.”

Justina L.

“I have received many encouraging words from David. His life experiences have made him a natural counselor. But his genuine care for others sets him apart.”

Jason P.

“When I first met David, I was immediately drawn to his authenticity and giving spirit. I very much value his counsel, and find speaking with him is always an uplifting experience.”

Kathryn J.

“After speaking with David, I’ve noticed that I’ve been more cognizant to not take situations so personally and accept the results, while not owning the ones I have no control over.”

Sean S.

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